Printable PDF version:  here


14th:  Assessment - HOLIDAYS - Let’s see where you’ve been or what you enjoy doing on holidays.

28th:  Workshop -  Downloading and Cataloguing -Lightroom / Affinity.  Downloading and cataloguing beginner tuition.


14th: Assessment - ANIMALS - Any kind of animal. Wild or domesticated. No restrictions regarding environment or habitat. Does not have to conform to strict nature definitions.
28th:  Workshop - Print workflow with Epson -  from Monitor to Print with Derek Mobbs

Derek is Epson’s Applications &Training Specialist. He is also a very experienced photographer. He will be giving away an Epson P600 printer.


11th:  Assessment - MINIMALISM-  Not about size but a concept. Follow this link for some ideas. Enter images for May assessment.
25th:  Workshop - Part 1. Creating audio-visual slideshows - Robin Pitcher Part 2.  Processing images for a slideshow - Dan Crowley.


9th:  Assessment (digital) - ACTION - Nothing difficult here - a photograph that captures something or someone in motion.
23rd: Workshop - Part 1:  Processing images in Adobe Lightroom - with Dan Crawley.  Part 2:  As a follow up to April's workshop, bring in an AV slideshow you have created and share it with your fellow members. Length of the slideshow should only be 4-5 minutes.


13th:  Assessment - LAST LIGHT - Not necessarily a sunset theme but something to signify the end of the day/night. Last light before          everything goes dark or quiet.
27th:  Workshop - Moon and Astrophotography Astrophotography equipment selection, set up and methodology and various reference tools (smartphone apps etc.) discussed. Hosted by Dan at UoW


11th:  Assessment - SMALL WONDERS - Depict small things and use context to demonstrate their smallness and or their wonder
25th:  Workshop - Food Photography - Members bring a plate of food. Something photogenic and tasty to eat after we take pictures of it.


8th:  Assessment - REFLECTIONS - Water, glass, steel or anything else that reflects. Enter images for September Assessment.
22nd:  Trivia Night - A fun night with questions about all things photographic. Bring nibbles and drinks if you wish.  The quiz will be conducted by Eve Hall or Bruce Williams.


12th:  Assessment (digital)-  FOOD- We’re talking still life photography,  that looks delicious. Good lighting is essential.
26th:  Workshop - AV Night - Following on from the workshop presentation on creating audio-visual slideshows earlier this year, submit your own slideshow, not more than 4-5 minutes.  A fun night showing your holidays, big events or just something for fun. 


10th:  AGM and Assessment -  LAND/SEA/CLOUDSCAPES - These photographs demonstrate the presence of nature in all its forms and may include some interaction with man made objects.
19th:  Annual Dinner and Presentation Night  - The Butter Factory Restaurant, Pyree. $44 for a two-course meal and $48 for three courses of your choice if pre-ordered. Further details will be forthcoming.
24th:  Workshop - Post Processing using Photoshop -TBA


14th:  Assessment -  FLOWERS - Any specimen allowed, growing or cut, single or in an arrangement or mass display. Macro acceptable
28th: Presentation/Workshop - TBA


12th:  Christmas Social Meeting - 

OPEN SUBJECTS ONLY. Peer assessment – members choose the Merits, Credits and POTM. Please bring a plate of finger food to share and drinks (if you wish). Tea and coffee will be provided as always.