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 February 10 – Assessment

In the Shadows – Digital

Because our eyes are drawn naturally to the brightest part of an image, we can easily ignore the shadows, especially detail in those shadows. The challenge of this set subject is to deliberately include something interesting in the shadows that, although it might take a little bit of extra finding, will give the viewer a just reward. A bit like finding a “Where’s Wally” character perhaps. Think of a black cat sitting in shadow maybe or perhaps the strong shadows of a building on a sunny street hiding a person doing something interesting in the shadows.

February 24 – Workshop

Lighting workshop.  There will be a short discussion about types of lighting, particularly studio lighting set ups.  We will try to have a number of lighting stations set up for members to try out. On and off camera flash will not be the focus of this workshop as it is a complex study itself.


March 10 – Assessment

Something involving a mobile phone – Print

A mobile phone must be in the equation somehow. It may be used to capture the image, it could be the subject of the image or it may be used provide illumination of a subject with the glow from its screen, its flash or its torchlight capabilities. A point to remember though, mobile phone sensors are very small and the pixel density is usually only 72ppi which is great for viewing digitally but, despite all the hype from the phone manufacturers, you may not get an image suitable for enlarging to print at 300dpi, especially if you have to crop.


March 24 – Workshop

K'need to Know?  Just ask! - a Q & R session on all things photographic. Our resident experts, Bruce Williams and Matt Kaarma, will answer questions on cameras, processing tips and problems using software...printing...composition....famous photographers, street photography, lighting, framing, exhibiting etc etc. 


April 14 – Assessment

 Fences and gates – Print

There is no doubt we love fences in Australia. There are millions of them and every one of them has a gate. Plain, ornate, new, old, shiny, rusty, decrepit. Show us a fence or a gate, not necessarily both, in the one image.


April 28 – Workshop

Lightroom and Photoshop processing


May 12 – Assessment

An Egg - (Digital)

No-one was more surprised than Barbara when her image of an egg propped up by two forks was chosen as the monochrome photograph of the year. There were other worthy candidates, but the purity and simplicity of Barbara’s egg was a winner as far as the judge was concerned. It proves that such a mundane thing as an egg can be presented in an imaginative or surprising way, leaving you thinking “how clever”, “how unusual”. Your assignment is to present an engaging image of a single egg.


May 26 – Workshop

Social Dinner Night at the Silver Spoon Thai Restaurant in Junction Street (Old Fire Station) at 6.30pm.


June 9 – Assessment

Your Favourite Thing – Print

This could be a free kick for anyone with a beautiful image of something that never seems to fit neatly into the usual set subject categories. The title includes the word “thing”, so it has to be a tangible object of some sort, not say a person or a landscape or an activity. It would also be hard to argue that a building or a bridge could really be your favourite thing and there is a suitable set subject for these “things” later in the year. Not saying you cannot, but cats, dogs and other pets also get a pretty good run every year and it would be nice to see something different like family heirlooms for example.


June 23 – Workshop

Slideshow – An AV presentation showcasing your photos and set to music.


July 14 – Assessment

Celebrate the Light – Digital

Another free kick? Let’s not forget “photos” is Greek for light. “graphos” is Greek for drawing. All photography therefore about the light? Try to emphasise the influence of the light on your subject. Use the light, whether it be natural or artificial, to bring the viewer’s eye to the most important part of your image. This will work best when there is a decent amount of contrast in the image.


July 28 – Workshop -TBA

Due to the escalation in NSW of the Covid 19 pandemic, a workshop or discussion will be held via Zoom.


August 11 – Assessment


Landscape/Seascape/Cloudscape – Print

There is no place on earth that has not already been photographed beautifully by someone before you. Even so, there is no way your audience, including the judge, will have seen all there is to be photographed. Despite this there is a tendency to devalue ‘scapes’ as just another mountain range or lake or beach or whatever. It will really help if you can get a story happening within the image. One way to do this is to pick your spot and be prepared to stay for a while, ready and waiting, so that you are on the spot when something interesting does happen.


August 25 – Workshop

Movie night – TBA


September 8 – Assessment

Portrait Study (posed) – Digital

For this assessment we want your portraits to be posed and well-lit. For human subjects think of those classic painted portraits by Rembrandt and other famous painters. Strongly composed, well-lit and with a non-distracting background. We are not looking for whole bodies or “environmental” type portraits where the subject is shown in or among his/her typical surroundings. This one is good for animal lovers as well, but you should use a similar technique to human portraiture as described above.

September - date TBA – Workshop



October 13 – Assessment and AGM

Buildings – Print

Not much to elaborate on here. You can shoot building exteriors or interiors, as well as bridges, other structures and cityscapes. Again, try to tell a story about the building. Consider what it might look like in different weather or at night. Buildings are excellent subjects for monochrome.

October 22 - Annual Dinner and Presentation Night

October 27 – Workshop

Trivia Night


November 10 – Assessment

Flowers – Print

With Spring coming a couple of months before this assessment is due, there will be ample opportunity to get out in nature or in the garden. Flowers can also be found in wreaths and floral arrangements.


November 24 – Workshop



December 8 – Assessment and Christmas Social Night

Open Subjects – Print

There is no set subject. Show us your favourites or your best photos that have not been previously awarded. Judging will be by peers only. Bring a plate and have some fun!

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