Competition Entry Rules and Procedures

The competition year commences on October 1 and finishes on September 30 each year.


These are held on the 2nd Wednesday each month.  Original photographs taken by the members are assessed by accredited judges who will provide constructive feedback on the prints.  Assessment night usually includes entries in both Open and Set subjects.  Set Subject details are in the Program.

A maximum of three prints in total can be entered on each assessment night. Images can be submitted in any category without restriction. Effectively this means you can put all your images (still a maximum of three) in the one category, whether that be set colour or set monochrome or open colour or open mono. Photos must be mounted.  There are no size restrictions, however prints are typically sized A4 to A3 (but not larger than A3), plus mount.

Prints must be original images photographed by the entrant. They must have been photographed within the last five years before assessment. Use of Artificial Intelligence is against the spirit of the club’s purpose and must not be used to edit your image in any way.

Detailed guidelines and explanation of the use of using AI in the editing of images: here

For digital  assessments, the same rules apply.  Digital Projected Images Competition Guidelines are above on this page and also the Program page.

Photographs which have previously received Highly Commended or Commended awards can not be entered again at an assessment meeting.  They are eligible for entry into the yearly awards at the Annual Presentation Night.

All prints must have the title of the photograph written on the back of the submission and should also indicate the correct orientation (e.g. “TOP”). Your name should not be printed on the front of the photo. 

There are 4 categories

SET SUBJECT – Colour and Monochrome

OPEN SUBJECT – Colour and Monochrome

N.B. Creative or ‘altered reality’ images can be entered in any of the 4 categories.

For visitors and new members within their first year an optional Mini-Print section exists for the same four categories as above.  Entries in this section should be either 6”x 4”or 5”x 7” and need not be mounted.  

Photos for assessment receive the following points:

Set Subject:

Highly Commended - 8 points

Commended Award -  6 points

4 points are awarded for every set subject entry not earning a Highly Commended or Commended award.

Open Subject:

Highly Commended Award - 6 points

Commended Award – 4 points

2 points are awarded for every open subject entry not earning a Highly Commended or Commended.

Photograph of the Month:  10 points (in total) for Set Subject, 8 points (in total) for Open Subject.

People's Choice Award: Additional 2 points (Set Subject only)

Points are accumulated for each member’s yearly total starting from the AGM in October.  Annual prizes are awarded for members achieving highest point scores in Colour and Monochrome sections

Peoples' Choice Award:  Only entries in the Set Subject will be eligible, and they must be handed in by 7.20 pm.  Numbered pegs will be placed on each photo. Write the number of the photo of your choice on the back of your 'Lucky Door Prize' raffle ticket.


Information on joining a Zoom meeting and screen sharing:

How to join a Zoom meeting

Zoom screen sharing

Here is a link to information on installing Zoom on your PC or laptop. It needs to have inbuilt camera and input and output microphone/speaker for interactive meetings, but you can watch and hear the meeting without them.

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