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Message from Denis regarding photo trips:

It has been decided and, agreed to by our executive elder, that we defer the Mayfield trip till the same time next year and delay the Japanese gardens to another date. Treks for consideration to make up for this year are:

  • Mayfield Gardens - October
  •  Major trek to the Warrumbungles - September
  • Balloons Aloft Canberra - March
  • LIthgow and surrounds - May

More information early next year. Contact Denis on 0428215250 if interested in taking part of any of the trips. 


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People's Choice Award 2021

Dave Macquart

'Madigan Dune'

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2021 Photographs of the Year

Photograph of the Year and Mono Photograph of the Year 

Peter Noales

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Colour Photo Photo of the Year

John Shadlow

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